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COVID-19 Symptom Screening Test

Quick, easy, accurate for early detection.

Break infection chains immediately

With an innovative 1-minute COVID 19 symptom screening test that anyone can do anywhere.

The testing process

Scan. Scratch. Smell. Select. Pass.

The Corowell test offers an easy, rapid & cost-effective way to objectively identify suspected COVID-19 infections by testing the sense of smell.

A user scans the QR code on their ticket (1), then scratches & smells the scented area (2) and selects the corresponding scent in the App (3).

The user then completes a COVID-19 survey (4). Results are ready in 1-minute. This non-invasive smell test can be done anywhere by anyone.

People who pass the test receive a digital pass (5) which can be scanned by officials at events, schools,  airports and other places.



Schools & Universities

Cruises & Tours

Workplace & Buildings

Stadiums & Festivals

Bus, Train and Plane Terminals