Corowell Executive Board

Dr. Markus Haller
Chief Executive Officer

Chairman & Founder of MKG Consulting
Chairman & Founder of Aureliym
CEO of Cansativa Medical Devices
Chairman Haller Engineering
Over 30 years of international experience in MedTech 
Inventor of 75++ patents & Medical Device Developer
Managed 4 start-ups from foundation to EXIT

Maie Gall
Chief Commercial Officer

Maie has over 30 years experience in the international
healthcare space. She designs and directs global
programs to facilitate growth, product launches, sales,
as well as setting up commercialization infrastructures
and expansions in world-wide markets. Maie
is the Founder and Executive of seven companies
with which she completed two successful Exits.
She is also investor in multiple start-ups in EU, US and rest of the World.

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